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It's ugly, and it's not the most > graceful thing, but it works. I see no reference to a board decision in the linked discussions or changelogs. > The way qmail works in Debian is a hack. Until then, peace. What is the output of `id alias`?Charles-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Charles Cazabon <***@discworld.dyndns.org>GPL'ed software available at: http://www.qcc.ca/~charlesc/software/Read http://www.qcc.ca/~charlesc/writings/12-steps-to-qmail-list-bliss.html--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt Winslow 2003-06-11 17:04:03 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by Matt WinslowPost by Matt WinslowOK, I've googled and have a peek at this web-site

You mis-understand ... For me, it seems that these specific users are only needed to build the qmail .deb. The compromise made YEARS ago was to add a script that will add the users when the qmail-src package is installed to save the user the trouble of doing it themselves. The remaining complaint about the qmail package is moot, as qmail is not part of Debian.

No, it is not the VBScript or the ADO that is confusing; it is the UserAccountControl bitmask attributes that are the game changer. What is the output of `id alias`?mortalcity# id aliasuid=1019(alias) gid=1019(nofiles) groups=1019(nofiles)[...]Post by Matt Winslowalias:*:1019:1019:User &:/var/qmail/alias:/nonexistentAnd what is the output of `ls -ld /var/qmail/alias` ?Your error comes from this bit of qmail-getpw.c:if Acknowledgement sent to Steve Langasek : Extra info received and forwarded to list. If you want to know why this is an issue, ask the people than fund Debian, as they are the ones that demanded the "qmail users" be removed from the default

If you'll read `man qmail-getpw`,you'll see djb's warning:WARNING: The operating system's getpwnam function, which is at the heartof qmail-getpw, is inherently unreliable: it fails to distinguishbetween temporary errors and nonexistent users.Charles-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Charles The command and the associated output are shown in the following figure. I really do not need to explain the command at all because the code is clearly understandable. This command and associated output are shown here.

Basically RSAT is a method for bonding WS2003 and WS2008 AD services and allows us to join WS2003 Domains to WS2008 domains. auto-uid.c: In function `main': auto-uid.c:22: warning: return type of 'main' is not `int' ./load auto-uid substdio.a error.a str.a fs.a ./compile auto-gid.c auto-gid.c: In function `main': auto-gid.c:22: warning: return type of 'main' If I don't hear back from Steve in a day or two, I'll just upload it and he can re-open the bug if it isn't fixed. Hey, Scripting Guy!

Period. > > I am not trying to build the qmail package, I am trying to build the > only package listed in debian/control, i.e. My point was supposed to be (although it didn't come across this way, I realize, sorry) that it should be possible to do runtime detection of the user to run as, I don't understand why an automated debianization requires existing users to succeed. Sign Up Have an account?

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  6. these two URLs will give you the URL of the current "stable" and "testing" patch files.

I guess it would end up as qmailrocks on steroids. http://osdir.com/ml/mail.qmail.jms1-patch/2008-02/msg00012.html This will make your life much easier. It occured to me that if a symlink existed in the jms patch library for "current-stable" and "current-dev" for each major patch, it would make it much easier for installation from I have made 40 releases of qmail since I started managing the package, and take it quite seriously.

Any thoughts? Check This Out Hopefully this release will put this bug to rest. if i were to create a symlink, i would probably forget to update that symlink- and anybody who downloaded the patch using the symlink wouldn't know what version they actually had. which means getpwnam() is failing.

Blog Learn about Windows PowerShell Use Active Directory Cmdlets with PowerShell to Find Users ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ The Scripting GuysAugust 29, 201115 Share 0 0 Summary: Learn about the Microsoft Active Directory Windows Probably, the easiest one to use is the SamAccountName. Because If you try "apt-get source --build qmail-src" it will most likely fail because the users do not exist. http://amazonfonts.com/unable-to/unable-to-find-srpid-for-user.html we found that the following code was returning null always if(!canCreateUser(data)) {    //Returning null or throwing an exception fails the SSO flow    return null;  }we changed it to return the specific user

If you can't adequately > maintain the package, say so instead of finding random third parties to > explode at. Please separate out the two. Update what exactly?

Message #83 received at [email protected] (full text, mbox, reply): From: Jon Marler To: Thomas Huriaux , [email protected] Subject: Re: Bug#402331: FTBFS: "unable to find user alias" Date: Thu, 21 Dec

That's not really an upstream bug, it's a bug in the qmail packaging, and one that makes it substantially harder for anyone to NMU this package. The version of the patch could be documented inside the script. Cheers! It's hard enough for me to distinguish what exactly theproblem is...I need a programming course.

I know that my run scripts are highly customized and it is increasingly difficult to determine what features need lines in these scripts as the patch versions go up. Full text and rfc822 format available. You both seem like smart guys, and I'm sure you can figure out how to add a user. have a peek here There may be a conflicting account with the same username if you haven't verified domain ownership yet.

The problem seems to be that your debian/rules is misusing the binary-arch and binary-indep targets for purposes other than building the packages listed in debian/control. Full text and rfc822 format available. Copy sent to Jon Marler . Benham, 1997,2003 nCipher Corporation Ltd, 1994-97 Ian Jackson.

eg: qla2x00 from sarge. I can't get the Debian folks to include the qmail users again in the default passwd file. Click on the name ofthe user or group that currently uses this name. Bug marked as found in version 1.03-41.

I downloaded qmail 1.03, patched it with the 7.05 combined patch like I have done dozens of times before. auto-uid.c: In function `main': auto-uid.c:22: warning: return type of 'main' is not `int' ./load auto-uid substdio.a error.a str.a fs.a ./compile auto-gid.c auto-gid.c: In function `main': auto-gid.c:22: warning: return type of 'main' More than six years ago, a different Microsoft Scripting Guy wrote an article called How Can I Get a List of All the Disabled User Account Accounts in Active Directory? Everything should be groovy.