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Unable To Find Template Matching Predicate

This option corresponds to the -0 option of xargs. -printf format Returns true; prints format on the standard output, interpreting '\' escapes and '%' directives. YesNo Feedback E-mail Share Print Search Recently added pages View all recent updates Useful links About Computer Hope Site Map Forum Contact Us How to Help Top 10 pages Follow us Des Weiteren brauchte ich für das "value"-Binding einen ValueTransformer. The pod also includes waitForElementToExist() and waitForElementToNotExist(). - (void)waitForSpinner { while (self.app.buttons[@"HUD"].exists) have a peek at this web-site

Additionally, its subdirectories (if any) each have a '..' entry linked to that directory. Your input helps improve our developer documentation. When POSIXLY_CORRECT is not set, -perm +zzz is treated just like -perm /zzz if +zzz is not a valid symbolic mode. Interacting with Elements - XCUIElement Elements are objects encapsulating the information needed to dynamically locate a user interface element in an application.

If a journal not indexed in SCI nor in EI, is it worth publishing in? If the file name contains no slashes (since it is in the current directory) the %h specifier expands to ".". %H Command line argument under which file was found. %i File's This means you have access to the macros like XCTAssert(), XCTAssertEquals(), and XCTAssertNotNil(). The exact value you will get for an ordinary file of a certain length is system-dependent.

The result is that it displays any line which does not contain that string. If the results of this command are giving you "Permission denied" errors, the simplest way to filter them out is to send them all to /dev/null, which is the device on Hallo Leute, ich verstehe einfach nicht warum ich diese Fehlermeldung bekomme: Quellcode Warning - unable to find template matching predicate (name = 'test' AND state = 'test2') Im Interface Builder habe Fix typos or links Fix incorrect information Add or update code samples Add or update illustrations Add information about... * * Required information To submit a product bug or enhancement request,

You can also pass a handler block in that gets called when the expectation fails or times out. At runtime, variable substitution—if any—is performed, and the resulting string is parsed to create corresponding predicate and expression objects. For example, the patterns 'fo*' and 'F??' match the file names 'Foo', 'FOO', 'foo', 'fOo', etc. At that point find moves on to the next path until all paths have been searched.

These warnings apply only to the command line usage, not to any conditions that find might encounter when it searches directories. This also applies to paths given on the command line. If you liked this post, you can share it with your followers or follow me on Twitter. How does it ever intersect with the hyperbola, seeing as it goes along the asymptote?

  1. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Symbolic modes are accepted in this form.
  3. find /usr/bin /usr/lib -name '*zip*' Locate and print all files and directories in and beneath either of the directories /usr/bin and /usr/lib which contains the text "zip" anywhere in the file
  4. rates Prints a summary indicating how often each predicate succeeded or failed. -Olevel Enables query optimisation.
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  6. This redirects all error messages issued by find to standard output; this will look the same on your terminal screen, but by merging them with standard output, we have made them
  7. Are you getting any errors in the operations log?Most are working OK, but I have one script, "Iain Backup" which always wants to use the Media Set "Web Server Backup", not

You should note that the '%k' and '%b' format specifiers of -printf handle sparse files differently. https://osxentwicklerforum.de/index.php/Thread/24305-Warning-unable-to-find-template-matching-predicate/ Well, this looks almost identical and is used in a very similar fashion. app.tables.element.cells.elementBoundByIndex(4).tap() Each call Unless the -H or -L option has been specified, the position of the -follow option changes the behaviour of the -newer predicate; any files listed as the argument of -newer will Environment Variables LANG Provides a default value for the internationalization variables that are unset or null.

NSComparisonPredicate provides a number of operators ranging from simple equality tests to custom functions.The following example shows how to create a predicate to represent (revenue >= 1000000) and (revenue < 100000000). Check This Out Not the answer you're looking for? If file is a symbolic link and the -H option or the -L option is in effect, the status-change time of the file it points to is always used. -ctime n Before starting at BeerMenus, I spent two years at Pivotal Labs.

The predicate matches when the element exists (element.exists == true). If the command is run, its standard input is redirected from /dev/null. -print Returns true; prints the full file name on the standard output, followed by a newline. The metacharacters ('*', '?', and '[ ]') match a '.' at the start of the base name. http://amazonfonts.com/unable-to/unable-to-find-any-jvms-matching-version-null-mac.html Field widths and precisions can be specified as with the 'printf' C function.

To fill the gap a number of players have created their own third-party feature testing frameworks. For example, any interaction with WKWebView must be written manually. You must specify 'u', 'g' or 'o' if you use a symbolic mode. -perm /mode Returns true if any of the permission bits of mode are set for the file.

We enclose it in single quotes to protect it from the shell.

Therefore, files or directories named "Apple", "ApplE", and "ApPLe" will all be listed by this command. Even though this is a read/write property, setting it does not update the interface of the simulator. Difference between \the, \showthe and \show commands? How would people living in eternal day learn that stars exist?

find . -name 'apple' -type f Locate and print a list of files in or below the current directory whose name is "apple"; do not display directories, sockets, or other non-regular In other words, display information about the file a symbolic link links to, rather than information about the symlink itself. Not the answer you're looking for? http://amazonfonts.com/unable-to/unable-to-find-matching-navigation-case-with-from-view-id-for-action-with-outcome.html find . -group dev Locate and print a list of any file in or below the current directory whose owning group is the dev group.

Several functions may not work. This is a match on the whole path, not just the filename. POSIXLY_CORRECT Determines the block size used by -ls and -fls. expr1 -a expr2 Same as expr1 expr2.

It also supports printf-style format specifiers (like %x and %@)—see Formatting String Objects. If the named file is in fact a symbolic link, and the -P option is in effect (or if neither -H nor -L were specified), the information used for the comparison It would only make sense to use an absolute pathname here if the relevant start point is also an absolute path. If I tick the "ISB Backup" media set it looses it's tick and then ticks "Web Server Backup".See the attached screenshot.The same thing seems to be happening to the Source of

Please try submitting your feedback later. Validate Random Die Tippers Censure due to holding an Army commission and a seat in Congress Snowman Bowling Are zipped exe files harmless for linux servers? For -o, predicates which are likely to succeed are evaluated earlier, and for -a, predicates which are likely to fail are evaluated earlier. I was able to open my code in XCode 3, delete the bindings in IB and reassign the bindings and it worked normally.

find . -amin +5 Locate and print a list of any file in or below the current directory that was modified more than 5 minutes ago. NextPrevious Copyright © 2005, 2014 Apple Inc. This gives you precise control to target specific views in your app without much overhead. The file names "/dev/stdout" and "/dev/stderr" are handled specially; they refer to the standard output and standard error output, respectively.

Update 30 Jun 2015: Thanks to Lammert in the comments, you can hack your way around this. When -L is in effect, this can include symbolic links. -size [-|+]n[cwbkMG] Returns true if a file uses n units of space on the disk. Both will be hit during excecution of your tests. NSExpression *nameExpression = [NSExpression expressionForKeyPath:@"name"]; NSArray *operators = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: [NSNumber numberWithInt: NSEqualToPredicateOperatorType], [NSNumber numberWithInt:NSNotEqualToPredicateOperatorType], [NSNumber numberWithInt:NSLikePredicateOperatorType], [NSNumber numberWithInt:NSBeginsWithPredicateOperatorType], [NSNumber numberWithInt:NSEndsWithPredicateOperatorType], [NSNumber numberWithInt:NSContainsPredicateOperatorType], nil]; NSUInteger options = (NSCaseInsensitivePredicateOption | NSDiacriticInsensitivePredicateOption); NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate