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Microstation Text Editor Not Working


Did you do any house cleaning lately and possibly uninstall or corrupt "DHTML Editing Component" Go to to your control panel, under Programs and Features, see if it is missing. I do not get this error when running V8i out of the box. How to change the order through which enter data files (EDF) are cycled with the Auto Fill In Enter Data Fields tool. I don't remember how I fixed it but a quick Google search found this: Sounds Somewhat Familiar Plumb Bill, Apr 3, 2014 #2 NorCalPLS 4-Year Member Joined: Jul 2, 2010 http://amazonfonts.com/not-working/re-jailbreak-not-working.html

Regards Carsten Cancel Phil Chouinard Mon, Jan 4 2010 11:18 AM In reply to carsten: Can you identify which Bentley Desktop Prerequisite pack was installed on that workstation? If so may be adding it again to the registry might help. This does have the side affect of downgrading you to a less secure browser, but I'm hoping most people have the sense to use something better anyway. These versions have been certified for use with operating systems up to Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10and Internet Explorer V11. http://communities.bentley.com/products/microstation/w/microstation__wiki/7385.text-editor-word-processor-error-unable-to-loadcreate-dialog-item-of-type-html

Microstation Text Editor Not Working

Cancel Andrew Bell Mon, Apr 7 2014 9:25 PM In reply to Jim Winder: Although MicroStation V8.00.02.15 is not certified or supported on Windows it may still operate ok. Cancel Answered Error - Unable to load/create dialog item of type 'IconCmd', id=62 from dialog 3DMODIFY Have a user getting the subject error message. My setup: v8 2004 - Latest Version (No Problem) XM Latest version (problem in regular or custom workspace) v8i Latest version (problem in regular or custom workspace) Prerequisite pack for XM, V8i S1 win 7.

Working With Dimension Styles In DWG Workmode +Bentley View Wiki +CONNECTION Client +FileFormats Wiki +Licensing +MicroStation PowerDraft +Programming Wiki +Visualization Wiki Questions about this article, topic, or product? What do you mean by "relevant products". http://communities.bentley.com/f/?pi17850=3 Thank you, Michael Brennan Michael Brennan Mon, Jul 7 2014 1:49 PM Cancel All Responses Answers Only Maria Garcia Tue, Jul 8 2014 5:25 AM Hi Michael, Have Microstation Text Not Working Diameter Symbol Duplicated text Styles and cells Edit text tools settings dialog box in MicroStation v8.

The following error message may be displayed when trying to edit text. How to change the size of the text in the Word Processor Text Editor in MicroStation XM. This error onlyoccurs when usingour company "custom" workspace. https://communities.bentley.com/communities/user_communities/fdot_cadd_support/f/343103/t/73731 Are any other relevant products installed?

Be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you don't receive the confirmation message right away. Microstation V8i Text Editor Problem I'm not sure what else to look at. With latest versions you need DHTML. By the way, when running the latest French prerequisite pack (pbda08110704fr), it stated that the "DHTML Editing Control for Applications" was useless so it is why it wasn't installed.

Microstation Word Processor Not Working

We would suggest you upgrade to a version of MicroStation that has been certified for use on Windows 7. Visit Website How to underline only one piece of text using the work processor in MicroStation v8. Microstation Text Editor Not Working No failures on prereq installation, some items skipped. Cannot Edit Text In Microstation V8 Cancel Roy Gallier Thu, Jun 11 2009 6:39 PM In reply to John Frampton: John, Is the expected release of Ss1 going to be prior to the release of Win7 on

Cancel Windows 7 + V8i + Word Processor Text Editor I get this error when I try to use the word processor Unable to load/create dialog item of type 'HTML', id http://amazonfonts.com/not-working/ubuntu-broadcom-wireless-not-working.html If you float your input device over one of these elements, what displays in the tool tip? So I have to do some digging to see what config variable controls this. Regards Cancel Jim Winder Mon, Apr 7 2014 8:37 PM In reply to Jon Summers: That should have read just V8...the "I" was part of "I get the following message". Dhtml Editing Control

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  2. Unable to load/create dialog item of type 'IconCmd', id = 29 from dialog "MDGSHOOK" Applies To Product(s): MicroStation Version(s): Environment: N\A
  3. Nope...I am going to restore back before the latest Microsoft updates and see if that fixes it.
  4. The message looks like it concerns a ListBox of folders in the file open dialog.
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  7. Unable to load/create dialog item of type 'HTML'.
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  9. MS SS2 GeoPAK SS2 08-11.07.536 Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. - Tupelo, MS Cancel dana0550 Mon, Aug 16 2010 6:11 PM We had the same issue with USACE 4.0 running MicroStation

How to Avoid Option 1 Ustation.dgnlib is part of the SystemDGNLibList variable, therefore it shouldn´t be changed or exchanged as it may render your MicroStation unusable. Does anybody have other ideas? Label Point Coordinates are using ACS.his comment is here What version of Microstation and what OS?

For you Acad guys, it is similar to "mtext"... Text Editor Not Working In Microstation V8 paden cash 6-Year Member Joined: Jul 1, 2010 Messages: 6,460 Likes Received: 3,853 Location: The Great State of Okie Homie Licensed in: OK I prefer to use the "word processor" function MicroStation handles the spacing of char...

Any Ideas, Robert Hamlin Thu, Jun 11 2009 5:59 PM Cancel 26 Replies (Most Recent Reply) Jeff Marker Thu, Jun 11 2009 6:11 PM Please ensure that you have installed

I tried reregistering the dhtmled.ocx and triedit.dll. I run XP, so the Microsoft DHTML control link won't install on my machine (but shouldn't need to, I know). How to lengthen the line of the Place Note tool How to locate RSC Files in MicroStation How to mask out text in MicroStation ?--... Microstation Edit Text Text node Justification in MicroStation J.

later, ~john. How to increase the allowable line length of text in Word Processor How to resize/scale text in one direction How to turn off fractions in the text editor Linear dimension placing Spell Checker Spell Checker - Text - MicroStation Stacked fraction in Microstation Select Series 3. weblink Fonts In MicroStation Greyed out Word Processor text editor dialog How to enable text justification.

How to auto stack MicroStation USTN Fonts (.rsc fonts)? Let say: Unable to load/create dialog item of type'IconCmd', id = -305 from dialog “MODIFY” Open Customize dialog -> load your DGNLIB file -> check under “Modify” toolbox for tool that’s If you receive the error “Unable to load/create dialog of item type 'html', id = 41510001 from dialog `Text Editor - Word Processor´” when attempting to open the Word Processor, make Copyright © 2016 Harness Media LLC.

The Word Processor utilizes a third-party control which is not installed on your computer by default. DHTML Editing Control for Applications Redistributable Package (x86) Option4 If you find these options do not resolve the problem we would suggest changing to the Dialog Box text editor. It's the same login as you had before, but your browser likely won't recognize it, even if you set it to remember you. Or some files?

Bentley does not support IE8 with any Microstation version prior Microstation V8i (Selectseries 1) as this is the only version certified with IE8. How to use the Install Fonts tool (MS J and MS V8 2004 Edition only) Inch mark moves a space away in dimension with fractions In-line leader in a Place Note paden cash, Apr 3, 2014 #4 Roadhand 6-Year Member Joined: Jul 1, 2010 Messages: 1,525 Likes Received: 168 Location: The Borderland NorCal... Please install msdefault.shx Error - Unable to load/create dialog item of type 'IconCmd', id Error 1402.

It is onlythe "Word Processor" which does not work. How to re-order data fields?--How to re-... These files are typically found at "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Triedit" . Text Style icon color changes Text Styles - Text - MicroStation Thai Accent Marks Overlap The export coordinates tool f rom the XYZ Text tools are exporting the ACS values of

Change Text Case Change text case in MicroStation V8 Change Text Placement Methods Clicking on Symbols in Word Processor Configuration Variable for Chinese Language Converting Text to Text Nodes Create Text V8 DGN, DWG, pre-V8 design files)?